David Perry is the technical genius behind Auckland Lifts. He began lift maintenance, servicing and repair 30 years ago as a newly registered Electrician. Over the years, he became skilled at quoting and pricing for jobs, sourcing and ordering equipment and parts, organising the labour team, supervising the contracted technicians, and also working hands-on himself on projects. In particular he became astute at fault-finding and problem solving where others failed.

David is now highly regarded in the elevator industry in NZ. His professional approach together with his outstanding knowledge and skill gives the confidence to building owners and tenants to know that their lifts are safe, reliable and economical. He has IQP registration and is a PS4 author with Auckland Council, is a registered electrician and completed apprenticeships in both Electrical and Electronics.

Work History

1985 – Serviceman, The Electric Construction Company, Auckland

1989 – Installation Technician, Boral Elevators, Sydney. Installed two Boral Dynastat elevators

1990 – Construction Manager, Boral Elevators, Auckland. David was the modernization “guru” for Boral Elevators and supervised many upgrades for this company. He traveled to Boral headquarters in Melbourne frequently to share his knowledge and experience with the entire team. He upgraded at least 15 lifts while working for Boral.

1993 – Elevator Supervisor and Advisor, Kumgai Gumi Construction, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. Installed three new lifts

1994 – Elevator Supervisor and Adviser, Kumgai Gumi Construction, Suva, Fiji. He installed four new lifts while working for Kumgai Gumi.

1998 – Service Manager covering the state of Florida, USA for a crane installation and servicing company affiliated with South Eastern Galvanizing. He worked on several sites in locations such as Miami, Birmingham, Tampa, Virginia and South Carolinasmallmachine room before 2

2000 – A Finnish Elevator Company, Auckland. Team Leader for the Metro portion of KONE’s portfolio, attaining awards for: Best maintenance, Best call rate, Lowest “sick lift” rate for all of Australasia

2006 – Auckland elevator and escalator installation, maintenance and repair (New Zealand Exaggeration Services). David was promoted to Service Manager in 2008. He completed upgrades of 10 older lifts with modern Magnatech drive lifts.

2011 – David established Auckland Lifts. He holds IQP (Independently Qualified Person) status for elevators. (Reg No. 110601) since 1997

2012 to June 2019 has completed 24 lift upgrades and many minor upgrades such as door operators etc

2018 Currently servicing 43 buildings containing more than 80 elevators


 SUPPORT STAFFsmallmachine room before 1)

David hires experienced lift technicians to help him on site when needed. All staff are required to comply with Health and Safety regulations and to always act in the best interests of the company and the client.

David is also ably supported by administrative staff of Lilia Koltsova and Jeannette Bennett. Both have experience in business management and administration. Jeannette is experienced in Health and Safety procedures. You will often see Jeannette or Lilia on-site as they fully familiarize themselves with each job particularly if it is an upgrade or a new lift install.