47 High Street

machine room before 1)

An upgrade was completed in 2015 of an old 1970’s Express eight- level lift in this busy central city building. A new motor, controller, sensors, door and car operating panels were installed. Previously, the lift had had a history of poor maintenance and so had developed some serious reliability issues.

1 Anzac Ave


Auckland Lifts completed a new lift installation in this six storey building in 2015, following unsatisfactory completion by the previous lift company.

The owner of this building has since engaged Auckland Lifts for other buildings in his company’s portfolio due to the skill and workmanship shown by Auckland Lifts in being able to rectify the problems associated with the installation of this new lift.

Colombia Apartments


This is a 19-level building that contained one LM lift which was in poor condition when Auckland Lifts took over the Service Contract. Due to poor maintenance and service from previous lift companies, break downs were occurring on a daily basis. The building houses student accommodation with high usage every day. The constant breakdowns caused problems for the tenants and the building owner with only the one lift available. However, since being upgraded and maintained by Auckland Lifts, the number of call outs has reduced to almost none. Sometimes, even after a comprehensive upgrade and with top maintenance, lifts can still develop failure in some parts. This is due to wear and tear and is part of normal lift operation.

The customer was very pleased with the problem-free operation in this building following the upgrade and engaged Auckland Lifts to upgrade another building, also of 19 levels with four lifts.

Emily Apartments


When Auckland Lifts took over the Service Contract in this building, the Goods lift was not working at all. It had been turned off due to ongoing problems that the previous lift company’s technicians had not been able to rectify. The Goods lift which was an upgraded 1960’s LM  with a faulty drive and controller was repaired by Auckland Lifts after the fault was quickly found and has not had any problems since.
Also, the passenger lift had been breaking down almost on a daily basis and a resolution for this problem also had not been found by the previous lift company. The passenger lift had the same drive and controller as the Goods lift and was also successfully repaired and now also does not cause anymore problems.

Empire Apartments


There are four 19-level lifts inside this apartment building. Call outs were frequent due to the poor condition of the lift equipment. The apartments house students and so attract a higher than average usage for the lifts. Many problems associated with these lifts were due to the type of controller that had previously been installed in the lifts, and so Auckland Lifts upgraded two of the lifts with new electronics in 2014 and will complete the upgrade of the remaining two lifts in 2015. The upgrade includes a battery back-up system so that should there be a power failure, the lift will not trap people inside. Also, we included a power saving device that pumps electricity back into the power grid and thus saves the building owner money.

Brooklyn Apartments


This building houses an Otis elevator, circa 1970, of seven levels servicing apartments. The building dates back to the 1920’s and is classed as an Art Deco style heritage building.

The lift controller needed replacing, as did the trail cables, the top of car controller, and the landing & car buttons and indicators. This now is a reliable lift for the apartment owners and tenants.

Prince Albert Apartments


41 Albert Street, Auckland City

This was a very old elevator from 70 to 80 years ago. The old motor, gearbox, drive and controller were replaced. The existing buttons and car were retained as a monument to the age of the building. This lift now is very reliable and a prominent feature in the building.