Elevator Servicing and Maintenance2015-01-31 10.25.41

We reduce breakdowns with quality preventative maintenance, aiming to restore potential equipment failures and breakdowns before they occur. This is achieved by instigating maintenance procedures specific to your elevator type, class, date of install and frequency of usage. Whether from misuse or wear and tear, we have the expertise acquired from years of successfully completed repair projects to carry out speedy correction of the most complicated of failures

  • Following every routine inspection, we will give you an honest assessment of all aspects of your lift’s equipment and its operation
  • Advice on power saving elevator replacement components and parts to suit your budget
  • Servicing, maintenance and repair of elevators and escalators of any brand, design and age
  • 24/7 –  365 days a year call out services
  • IQP inspections

Auckland Lifts service and maintain elevators to the highest standard. We keep the Machine room and the Cab pit clean and tidy at all times. Ropes and hoists are regulary oiled as needed and checked. Drives, motors and gearboxes are reguraly tested and checked and maintained as required. The safety and reliability of your elevator is our priority.

If your elevator suffers a breakdown, we explain in detail what is happening with the lift, so that you can consider your options and make a decision according to your budget and building requirements.

Maintenance Contracts can be either Comprehensive or Standard.2014-12-17 12.12.31

Our advice is to take a Standard Maintenance contract which is one third of the cost of a Comprehensive contract. A Standard contract requires that should something fail in your lift and has to be repaired or replaced, you pay for these repairs and breakages as they occur. With a Comprehensive contract, the cost of any repairs or breakages is included in the contract price. This type of contract is similar to an insurance policy.

Although a Comprehensive Contract sounds quite good on this basis, if you have new elevators, or recently upgraded elevators, there should be no breakages or repairs for quite some time, so a Standard contract would be more economical. If you have an older lift that breaks down regularly due to older machinery and parts, a standard contract would still be preferable.  As soon as a part is repaired or replaced, the problem has been resolved and the lift should work well again for some time without problems.

The only really expensive part of an elevator that wears out and needs replacing are the ropes. However, during lift inspection, these can be seen to be wearing out in advance of their need for replacement and we will advise you of this and give you an estimation of when they would need to be replaced, so that you can budget for that.

Also, items like door controllers can continue to work for some time when it is first noticed that they are wearing out and so again can be budgeted for. We let our clients know in quarterly reports about the state of all the parts of their elevators and suggested time frame for replacement of any parts..

Sometimes, lift companies offer 3 and 5 year comprehensive contracts as a way to beat inflation. However, our experience is that many customers wish they had not signed a long term contract and also many who tried without success to get out of them.

We advise our  clients to purchase a Standard Contract and to save the difference between the amount of money required for that and a Comprehensive contract. That way, you are saving for any future problems with the lifts and are in control of your money and situation.

We can explain the difference between the two contract types to you in more detail and help you to decide which is the best option for you.