Upgrades of Existing Lifts

SharpenedUpgrade1Modernisation does not need to be expensive – it can be designed specifically to meet your aesthetic goals and budget restraints. Whether your building requires a compete new microprocessor control system, power unit replacement or just cosmetic improvements such as car interiors, operating panels or doors and frames, we make every effort to provide the highest quality parts, materials and workmanship that will increase traffic handling, reduce waiting times and provide trouble free operation. We can upgrade to comply with fire and earthquake requirements, disabled access and life support requirements, any mandated code changes and enhance your lift security through key or card access. Whatever your needs, we will analyse your existing system and recommend a cost effective upgrade which increases overall system performance and improves tenant satisfaction.

Auckland Lifts can provide sound advice regarding the condition of your current lift along with various options for your budget and particular situation. In almost all cases, an old, inefficient, unreliable elevator can be either fully or partially upgraded to a modern type. This includes door mechanisms, elevator motors and controllers, lift interiors, push buttons inside and outside the car, lighting etc. For example, elevator controllers and Drives can be replaced with a state-of-the-art integral system. The Drive is VVVF with an added bonus that it is upward compatible with the latest motor technology РSynchronous Motors. So, the existing gearbox and motor can be replaced in the future with a gearless energy saving machine without having to replace the Drive or Controller.